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    This page is going to continue changing as I learn more about GA Lock & Key*,  Tansu Kanlica, & Yagel Amram.



    So far, I've been able to find out that AMRAM is a drunken driver and that his company was killed by the State of Georgia.










Tansu Kanlica, the locksmith scammer who couldn't control his vehicle and hurt and killed these girls,  is reported to have worked for GA Lock & Key*,

the owner of which is/was one Yagel Amram.  In addition to "locksmith training" and "bait and switch indoctrination" I have to wonder if AMRAM was responsible for teaching

Kanlica how to drive, or drink, or drink and drive, as the case may be????



This case has had a "Plea in absentia" on 2/2/2018 and due to a case manager's personal problems and a backlog, information as to the disposition of this case is not available at this time, however a manager at the court house promises to update me as quickly as she can find out.


*GA LOCK & KEY, LLC was administratively dissolved by the State of Georgia in 2017 because a report was not filed.

    Anecdotally, it is common for scammer companies to immediately disappear upon commencement of legal problems or significant negative press.

    There is no indication of the present location of Yagel Amram who may have fled the country, possibly back to Israel.