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On May 25, 2014, a 23 year old Honor Student, Athlete, and employed photographer Garrett Anderson went on a Sunday evening shopping trip to Walmart.
That night this poor "kid" committed the "HIGH CRIME" of locking his keys in his car while shopping at WalMart.

A "Locksmith Scammer" (See:  Tansu Kanlica  intent on collecting a highly inflated price ($175.00) for opening Mr. Anderson's car (normally a $60-$90 job), got into a disagreement regarding pricing then as Mr. Anderson was trying to get to an ATM to accede to the scammer's intimidation and extortion, Kanlica engaged Mr. Anderson in a car chase. Kanlica lost control of his car and smashed into a group of teenage pedestrians, killing 2 teenage girls and severely injuring another. 

Garrett Anderson, who was either going to an ATM or fleeing a criminal and kept 100% control of his vehicle and HIT NO ONE was prosecuted for, and convicted of vehicular homicide.

My heart and prayers goes out to the victims and their families.
I can only imagine their heartache and loss which was TRAGIC.
I know how I felt when I lost my Mother,
Parents & family are not supposed to have this experience. 

(now defunct)  CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE GA Lock & Key LLC this tragedy would never have happened.




If anyone has is in contact with any of the family members of

Reina or Juliana; or is in contact with Monica or her family,

I would appreciate it if you would ask them to contact me.



The CRIMINAL bait and switch CONSUMER FRAUD behavior of TANSU KANLICA, GA Lock & Key, and the many groups of  locksmith scammers (RACKETEERING) is a practice abhorred by ALL LEGITIMATE LOCKSMITHS across America and indeed around the world!



Below the original letter which I authored and sent to Governor Deal in Georgia has been replaced with my most recent letter which is to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles.



At least his personal outlook seems good - remember I've never met him, spoken to him, I'm not related to him and was not asked to help... I did discover this news account of his present day life...




I have written and transmitted to the Governor another letter, complete with exhibits from the BBB about the company that scammed Garrett.

Click Here to view the complete PDF Pardon Board + Both Governor letters


To read about the CRIMINAL LOCKSMITH SCAMMER COMPANY... GA Lock & Key information









Indictment Charging Garrett Anderson  I'm not a lawyer, but what stuck out like Rudolph's red nose, was the repetition in the first 4 charges which said:



To me, the phrase or concept "Mistake, inadvertence, or excusable neglect" comes to mind....























Further investigation is in process and more info will be published as I can get it arranged in a legible fashion......




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